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Sudoku rules

IMPORTANT! The print icon does not work in Google Chrome. Use Firefox or Explorer. Or you can right click and choose "Print..."

Fill in the missing numbers so that every horizontal row, vertical column and region (containing 3x3 squares) contains the numbers 1-9. No number can appear in any row, column or region more than once.

More about sudoku
Our sudoku puzzles only have one solution and there is always a way to solve them that doesn't involve guessing. Sudoku is relaxing and at the same time it exercise your logical thinking.

Print or play online
Print out and bring your sudoku on your summer vacation or at the winter holiday. You can print up to six sudoku per A4 sheet - something that saves you both paper and ink. For the environment it would be even better if you do not print it out, but instead solves the puzzle online. If you play sudoku online you can enlarge the puzzle by clicking on the plus icons at the top right corner above the game.

We have four difficulty levels in our sudoku: easy, medium, hard and expert. Have fun!

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